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Willowbend has been serving the needs of Marketers, Advertisers and Publishers for over 30 years. Industry leading delivery verification technology, proprietary address data, advanced mapping systems, and people with extensive direct marketing know-how allow Willowbend to provide a wide array of location based direct marketing services. All under one roof! In 1988, Willowbend began building a database of every residential and business addresses in the United States that now includes over 180 million addresses, and growing. The database is utilized to provide newspaper publishers and direct-to-door distribution companies with accurate address data for both mailing and home delivery. The same database is now being used by large tech giants, real estate, insurance and telecom providers having various needs for address and geographic data of the highest quality. Today, Willowbend with its network of partners and suppliers, continues to provide comprehensive location based data and direct marketing services. including direct-to-door advertising and sample distribution, direct mail services, and target digital media. Our digital offerings are used in tandem with both direct-to-door and direct mail, substantially improving response rates and return on media spend. Several years ago, Willowbend added event marketing services due to our customer's desire to not only reach their consumers where they lived and worked; but, to reach them where they learn and play!

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