Digital Amplification

Digital Amplification Using Targeted Digital Media

When we use the term Digital Amplification, what we mean is utilizing Targeted Digital Media to increase the response of any single media tactic…whether using direct mail, e-mail marketing or even direct-to-door delivery.  

Primary Opportunities

Cross-Media (Amplification)

– Direct Mail + Digital Display

– Email + Digital Display

– Direct Mail + Email + Digital Display

Digital Display Only (No Amplification) (Desktop, Mobile)

– Direct Response Media

– Branding

Easy Program Execution:

·       Determine campaign start and stop dates (typical campaigns are 30 days)

·       Supply creative assets (Willowbend provides specifications and standards if needed)

·       Determine number of impressions needed based on budget, list size, number of serves per IP address per week

·       Once program is running, weekly report provides:

o   Number of impressions served

o   Number of click throughs

·       Additional analytics available

o   Most customers track conversions on their website based on click throughs

o   Actual sales data matched to original target audience (ROAS)