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Our Data is better! 

We have created a proprietary model for processing new mover lists that include acquiring raw data from multiple sources and then matching files to determine how many records can be found in multiple lists, providing more assurance that the record is a true move. We include only those that have an actual Zip Code change, further assuring that the record is not just a utility change at the same location or a refinancing of a mortgage. We do receive and process weekly feeds of new mover data to keep the addresses as fresh as possible.

Although the USPS National Change of Address system (NCOA) license does not allow its use to determine new movers, we utilize another system named Enhanced Change of Address (ECOA) which does not have any such restrictions.  Of the 17% of US households that relocate annually, more than 30% of those relocations never file a change of address with the USPS.  ECOA captures those addresses.

Highly Targeted 

Our proprietary process includes bouncing the addresses against our sister company’s national residential file that contains over 98% of physical addresses, developed over the last 30 years, and updated every 30 days.  This added process ensures the most accurate delivery address.  Additionally, these addresses are geocoded and appended with demographic data.  This provides us with a means of delivery prioritization if needed.  If higher income areas are preferred, this level of prioritization can be accommodated.  Since we have mover names, we can even entertain personalization of the packages, and versioning content delivered.  We can even message loyalty customers differently.

How do we deliver?

Direct Mail – The primary method to reach our New Movers is using direct mail.

Direct-to-Door – For some qualifying clients, the highly personal and superior responsiveness of door-step delivery is an option.  This method is great to use for developing custom advertising cooperatives.  These cooperatives could include multiple brand products, grocers and their suppliers, and marketers of multiple home service providers.  Get in touch with us to find out more details on this unique option.