Targeted Digital Media

Targeted Digital Media

When we talk about Targeted Digital media, we are referring to our process of sending digital display ads based on the physical mailing address of the desired prospect being targeted.  Using the same targeting approach as direct mail based on geographic, demographic or lifestyle selects, identifying the actual mailing address and matching it with an IP address attached to the household. Clients can use Targeted Display as a stand-alone media campaign; or combine with direct mail and email marketing to the same prospect list.   

Targeting Methods:

·       Existing Customer Data:  Data analysis work is performed utilizing CRM and existing customer data files and profiling them to determine geo-demographic, and/or lifestyle characteristics.  These corresponding profiles are used to identify prospect addresses. 

·       Client provided prospect lists

·       Commercially sourced lists

·       Simple geographic, demographic, lifestyle selects are used to identify IP addresses

Typically, IP addresses can be identified at the physical address location over 70% of the time. 

Easy Program Execution:

·       Determine campaign start and stop dates (typical campaigns are 30 days)

·       Supply creative assets (Willowbend provides specifications and standards if needed)

·       Determine number of impressions needed based on budget, list size, number of serves per IP address per week

·       Once program is running, weekly report provides:

o   Number of impressions served

o   Number of click throughs

·       Additional analytics available

o   Most customers track conversions on their website based on click throughs

o   Actual sales data matched to original target audience (ROAS)